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All things UKULELE!

Posted by lbbartolomeo on October 7, 2013

Quick-Start Guide to Ukuleles

I wanted a visual, easy-to-follow method of introducing the ukulele to my students. I didn’t want bunches of YouTube tabs open or bookmarks or links in a Powerpoint document. So, I put what I wanted on a web page and simply, and I mean simply, scroll down the page.

On Oodles of Music, you will find this quick-start format. We play single-chord songs using F, C, C7, and Am. I find it’s super simple to introduce kids if they only have to worry about placing their fingers for ONE chord and then strumming. Some of the videos are just backing tracks, but that’s still lots of fun for them.

We then move on to 2-chord songs and there are TONS of them. Pick and choose depending on your grade level. Then we get to 3-chord songs and we STILL haven’t learned 😬 G7! But then we get to G7 and we are ready for the challenge.

UPDATE:  Here is my NEW way of storing my ukes.  A wonderful retired music teacher and her husband built this amazing stand for 30 ukes.

IMG_1962 IMG_1963 IMG_1964

Here’s how I stored them when I was first getting started!

I have 33 ukes and here is how they are stored.  ukestorage2The unit below is a

storage unit which usually has tubs/bins on the four levels.  I took out the

bins and found that the dowels going across are just the right width to hold

the ukes.  I don’t have room to hang them so this is working well for me.

More care has to be taken when getting/putting away the uke.  So far, I do

this job, with a quick tuning before handing the uke to a student!



For those who have inquired about the constructed storage unit at the top, I contacted the builders and they have no plans, and as they told me, “We design as we go.”  The best I can do is share some close-up pictures I took of the cart.


13 Responses to “All things UKULELE!”

  1. Wow, what beautiful work. I’m glad you were able connect with the community to get you the Uke furnatrue. They look great!

  2. Noreen Carlson said

    Does the person who made this for you have plans they would share/sell?

  3. Jodi said

    Hello – I was just looking to store 30 ukes, and came across this pic! Love the top storage idea!!! I’ve put this idea out to my community, and now have someone willing to build it for me, as their community outreach! I am sooooo excited! Do you have the plans/dimensions for that cart?

  4. carolynn said


    All things UKULELE! « Song Wheel

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