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Dry Erase Rhythm Templates

Posted by lbbartolomeo on July 9, 2012

I plan for about 5% of my yearly curriculum to involve writing music in some form.  I insert a template into the plastic pocket,then students use dry-erase markers to fill in the template.

We practice “drawing” notes, taking rhythmic dictation, singing scales, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Templates are generic so that I can use the same one for simple or compound meters.  Using the pictured “job tickets” has been highly effective because it involves no paper copies for every class.  The materials are all reusable once you have everything set up.  I do a quick visual assessment, then tell the students to erase their work and the insert is ready for the next class.

1.  Job Tickets are thick plastic pockets used to post information on job sites.  You can find the educational equivalent on education supply web sites, but I found the job tickets were cheaper.  Here’s an example.

2.  In the picture, there’s a bucket holding the dry-erase markers and erasers.  I just cut up little squares of felt for the erasers.

3.  Because the pockets are plastic on both sides, I load both sides so that we can do one activity on one side, and a different one on the other.

4.  Examples of rhythmic dictation.  Hot Cross Buns is an easy example.  Let’s say that the past two weeks we have been singing the song, playing the song, determining as a class the rhythm of the song.  On a subsequent day, we get out our plastic inserts and practice writing quarters, eighths, quarter rests, and half notes.  (middle template in picture)  Then we turn it over and I clap measure one of the song.  Students write it in box 1. (left template in picture)  Continue on with measure 2-4.  I walk around a visually assess then we determine the answers.  Using our answers (some have needed to make some corrections) we go back and speak it with our rhythms, clap it, speak it with words.

5.  More times than I can count, students say how much fun they are having doing this activity.

Downloads (you can substitute your own music fonts, I used musisync)

Template Blank and Notes Simple  (left and middle templates in picture)

Template Dry Erase Compound (not pictured)

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