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Starlight, Starbright

Posted by lbbartolomeo on September 18, 2015

Teaching the Song

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.42.37 PMDissect the text.

Put a square around all of the “star” words.

Circle the “I” words.

Underline the word “wish”.

Put a star above all the rhyming long I words.

Singing the Song

  1.  Write down student wishes.  With younger students, pick four or eight that will work as a “B” section.  I suggested we think of wishes to help others and we created “Houses, food, water, clothes, money, caring, kindness, peace”.  We then created an ABA, sing, poem, sing arrangement.
  2. Older grades could classify their wishes into rhythm bricks.  A class poem can be created or small groups can create their own.  Then RONDO form can be used, alternating the song “A” with the different group poems.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.11.04 PM


  1.  Raise and lower arms to the s-m patterns of the song.  Do it with a partner.  Do it while raising and lowering a parachute or a shared scarf with a partner.
  2. Sing using a pitch ladder.
  3. Write on a 2 line staff as a class and individually.
  4. Play it on the xylophone or other pitched instrument.  I give the below half sheets to my students and they write in the notes/circles, the s,m, or l

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