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Air Force Bakesale

Posted by lbbartolomeo on June 29, 2012

Do you remember this bumper sticker?

” It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need

and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.”

My dad was in the Army during WWII and I have the utmost respect for our armed services.  This is more about priorities with resources and the value of education.  Teachers use their own money and ingenuity to get the job done.  Those of us in urban districts don’t usually have a PTO to help us, either.

Here’s a fellow music teacher’s ingenuity at work.  She CONSTRUCTED her own xylophone carts!  GENIUS!!!

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131 Days

Posted by lbbartolomeo on June 28, 2012

Presidential election years are GOLDEN opportunities to hit Patriotic Units in a big way.  I go back to school on July 31 (OMGosh) and I want to have a plan in place for my unit.  With the end of October dedicated to Halloween, I will probably be using the end of September/beginning of October for everything patriotic.  My next Song Wheel then should be “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

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Good Grief Goodwill

Posted by lbbartolomeo on June 27, 2012

UPDATE to the below post.  Here is how I made the puppet that the MK8 lister described .  Here’s the link to the archived message although joining the MusicK8 listserv and reading all the posts is AWESOME.  So many great ideas.

Made the slit and pulled stuffing out of the body and part of the head.  Left stuffing in the nose and legs.  We’ll see how the kids respond to having it there.  It may all be out eventually.  : )

Since it’s not on my summer to-do list, I’ve decided to go to Goodwill today.  I have a route of 4 of my favorite Goodwill stores.  And Wednesdays are SENIOR CITIZEN days!!!  And according to Goodwill, I AM a senior citizen because I’m older than 55.  Well that’s the rule here in central Indiana.  I get 30% off.  I am going to look for stuffed animals.  The newest hint on the MK8 listserv,  was from a teacher who takes stuffed animals and makes a slit in the back, takes all the stuffing out and POOF you have a puppet.  Kindergarteners and first graders will do anything with a puppet on their hand.  They keep the beat, sing, move creatively.  Well, off I go.  I swear just yesterday I was 18.

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Distracted Chillaxing

Posted by lbbartolomeo on June 27, 2012

As music teachers we try to relax during the summer.  Our school year is filled with so much STUFF; tight teaching schedules, administrative demands, new trends (Common Core Standards), performances, and a million more bits and pieces.  So as soon as vacation begins I make a list of things to do-personal, house, garden, social, school, financial.  In an effort to use my time wisely, I come up with this monster that in the end robs me of my RELAXATION.  Then to top it off I find myself on the computer cruising from one idea to another.

I started out needing to order replacement rubber for an old xylophone and because I didn’t want to pay the shipping I decided I should find something ELSE to buy to make the shipping worth it.   Then I get on the magnificent Music K8 site and there are so many fantastic ideas that I hop from thread to thread.  If you want to join this free mailing list, you can simply read and stay in the background.  But if you ask a question, you will receive so much great advice.

I guess the point is to strike a balance with the scale being more on the side of chillaxing.  But I don’t want to get to the week before school starts and wonder why in the heck I didn’t revise that lesson plan template or put together that new learning station for kindergarten.  Well, here’s to me striking a balance.

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