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The Star-Spangled Banner

Posted by lbbartolomeo on June 28, 2012

Here are my tried and true media/resources for this song.


The Star-Spangled Banner (Reading Rainbow Books)

Illustrator Peter Spier is one of my favorites.  Although this book has all four verses of the SSB, I use mainly verse 1.  The intricate pictures invite so much discussion.


I like the ones in the textbook although singing unaccompanied is my favorite.


Take 6 -sung slowly, acapella, an oldie but gorgeous.  VIDEO

Beyonce-Beautifully sung, relatively straight-forward. VIDEO

Children’s Trio-I’m guessing 11 year old children, beautiful.  VIDEO

Seven Year Old Girl-my kids are fascinated by this child.  VIDEO

SoundChoice Karaoke-great for all ages but especially new readers.   VIDEO


I base everything on 16 phrases in the song.

#1.  I type the phrases in a large font, copy enough for partner work (for me that’s about 18 copies), and cut them out.  Partners then put them in order.  I walk around and slowly sing SSB over and over.  When everyone has it completed, we go back and sing the entire song.  Then I tell them to turn over ONE phrase, I don’t care which one.  We sing.  We continue turning over one more phrase until we have all the phrases turned over.  Believe it or not, this is never tedious, they love the challenge.

Download the sentence strip document here.  SSB Sentence Strips       

#2.  With kindergarten and first grade, I hum the song and ask if anyone knows it or where they heard it or who sang it.  I get some pretty funny answers.  Then we echo sing the song and I read a book (see above) about the song.  We watch a variety of videos.  I think echoing the words and then listening to it over and over is the way to go with my little ones.

#3.  The dreaded worksheet, but actually they like this one and it gives older students, especially ones who haven’t done much with the SSB a chance to work with the difficult lyrics.  (we have lots of transiency at my school)   WS is re-ordering mixed up phrases, written fill in the blank, and a history timeline.  Will get this ASAP.

#4.  Fill in the blank.  This partner activity gives them a large template with missing words.

“Oh say can you ____, by the _____ early ____.”  I try to hit key words, difficult words.

Download the SSB fill in the blank template here.    SSB fill in blank template

SSB Medal Poster

#5.  The SSB Olympics-In grades 4-6, I begin with a pre-test.  (see below)  Based on 16 phrases, GOLD is getting 13-16 correct, SILVER is 9-12, BRONZE is 5-8, and PLATINUM is 1-3.  You can base your medals on your own set of criteria.  My children need encouragement and a few didn’t even place.  I don’t actually give them ribbons/medals but place their names on a large board with those four categories.  Here are the poster icons I used.    SSB medals    Then after we do our SSB unit, I give the same test and get to move all the names, which is thrilling because almost everyone moves up a level or two.

The TEST—I use the whiteboard or a poster board and list the 16 lines, giving them the FIRST word of each line.  They copy on paper and fill in the rest.


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